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Controlled Substances for LA Prescribers


The consequences of the use and abuse of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are in the news on a daily basis. Intense attention is being focused on the prescribing of controlled substances for pain and other conditions. In addition to the patient risks related to CDS, there are legal and possibly criminal implications to practitioners involved in prescribing these drugs. Louisiana law requires CDS prescribers to obtain a one-time continuing education program prior to their license renewal in 2019. This course meets the subject requirements specified by Act 76 of the Louisiana legislature and the LSBME rules. It contains 3 hours of continuing education on the following topics: best practices for prescribing controlled dangerous substances, chronic pain, diversion training, and addiction treatment. Risk management strategies are included to help keep your patients safe and reduce your liability when prescribing controlled substances. Medical Interactive (MI) will send verification of successful course completion to the LSBME. 

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  1. Perform comprehensive patient assessments, including additional assessments when considering opioids within the treatment plan.
  2. Utilize multimodal treatment options instead of or in addition to pharmacological strategies, especially when treating for pain. 
  3. Implement safeguards to prevent and detect diversion of controlled substances, including the use of the prescription drug monitoring program. 
  4. Identify risk for substance misuse and abuse.
  5. Provide referral or treatment for patients with substance use disorders.
MOC Approved:
Release Date:
March 05, 2018
Expiration Date:
March 05, 2021

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