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Toolkits Overview

Toolkits are a gathering in one place of comprehensive targeted resources to utilize for risk management, quality and safety improvement programs. The toolkits are structured to meet the needs of Administrators/Managers/Supervisors, Nursing and Ancillary staff, and Physicians. Toolkits will provide education, sample policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists, tips and tools and case studies..

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Continuing Education Commercial General Liability Insurance (non-CE Monograph)

Hospitals and healthcare facilities purchase general liability insurance to cover premises and operational risk exposures.

Continuing Education Dismissing a Patient (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video)

A successful physician-patient relationship must be based on mutual trust and effective communication. When these elements breakdown, dismissing the patient may be necessary.

Continuing Education Informed Consent for Nurses and Medical Office Staff | Price $15.00

Informed Consent is a rich process of educating the patient and establishing a meeting of the minds between the patient and the provider about the goals and plan of care.

Continuing Education Medical Records: A Patient Safety Tool (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video) | Price $25.00

It is often said that when facing a malpractice action, the medical record can be the healthcare provider's best friend and in most cases, the bedrock of the defense.

Continuing Education Patient Tracking and Follow Up (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video) | Price $25.00

Allegations of failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosing are common in medical malpractice claims.

Continuing Education Professional Liability and EHRs: Issues for Medical Office Staff (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video) | Price $25.00

This presentation will limit its focus to risk management issues from the perspective of medical office staff using Electronic Health Records.

Continuing Education Professional Liability and EHRs: Issues for Medical Professionals (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video) | Price $25.00

This program will help you to identify the unique aspects of EHRs and the ramifications for malpractice defense, including the characteristics of electronic data, EHR functions and related professional liability risks.

Continuing Education Quality Payment Program - ACTION! What Practices Need to Do (non-CE Credit video) | Price $25.00

The MACRA legislation that created the Quality Payment Program is transitioning the Medicare payment methodology to more of a fee for value system. Eligible clinicians who do not participate in the program may be subject to financial penalties. This video is a step by step guide for physicians and their office staffs to implement and manage the Quality Payment Program in their practices.

Continuing Education Revenue Cycle Management! How is Your Practice Doing? (non-CE video) | Price $25.00

This presentation will define and review the revenue cycle processes and identify some best practices to help practitioners shorten their revenue cycle and improve overall financial viability. We will review the composition of a solid financial policy, recommend time of service collection strategies, provide references and resources for reducing billing errors, as well as explain some key financial indicators to track the efficiency and effectiveness of a practice's Revenue Cycle.

Continuing Education The Referral and Consultation Process: Closing the Loop (non-CE; 0.25 RM Credit; Video) | Price $25.00

When a patient is referred for a consultation with another physician, specific steps should be taken to ensure that the visit occurs.

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