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Software & Technology Tools

Medical Interactive Community offers software tools to assist Risk Managers of medical malpractice insurance companies, hospitals and clinics, and larger medical practices. These systems document, track, and analyze specific risk exposures and provide benchmarking abilities for aggregate data and decision support.


MiCapture, A Risk Management Software

MiCapture is an integrated Risk Management software system designed to assist Risk Managers in applying loss reduction strategies in a more efficient and effective manner. Using a laptop or notebook computer enabled with MiCapture, Risk Managers can complete the entire Risk Management assessment process on-site. MiCapture was designed to make the Risk Manager’s job easier by tracking and trending data far more effectively than traditional paper assessments. MiCapture also helps reduce Risk Management expenses by decreasing the Risk Manager’s workload and increasing productivity.

MiCapture serves as a management tool by allowing managers to track the quantity and quality of Risk Management assessments by Risk Manager, region, or specialty. MiCapture gives the ability to benchmark data and compare similarities between specialties, organizations, or regions. Ready to use upon installation, MiCapture features pre-generated assessment questions and templates, and on-site reports and recommendations which can be customized to fit the needs of your organization.

The modules listed below can be linked to your core system for automatic population of demographic and other information.

MiCapture Modules Include:

  • Risk Management Assessment Module
  • Contacts and Phone Consultation Module
  • Medical Records Module
  • Risk Management Activities Module
For more information or to see a demo of MiCapture,
please contact 855.464.7475 or e-mail info@medicalinteractive.com