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  CME/CNE Education


The CME/CNE courses listed below emphasize patient safety problems and risk management solutions. The speakers and authors include national experts, physicians in practice, and professional medical writers. Needs assessment is performed by surveying claims data, peer-reviewed literature, the latest professional practice guidelines, and new regulatory measures. These activities are reviewed and updated on a regular schedule to ensure we present the most current content. We ask participants to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the courses and suggest new topics to continually improve the quality of our course catalogue. Formats include slides with narration, video, and monographs.

A discounted rate may be available for group purchases. For more information, please click here.

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Continuing Education (NEW) Sports Concussion and Closed Head Injury: One Family's Diagnostic Journey (1 hour Video)

Much of what was thought about the diagnosis and management of concussion and head injury has changed in recent years. This film follows the diagnostic journey of one family and their head-injured son. It aims to identify what physicians of all specialties can do to improve recognition of concussive injury, prevent further harm and promote maximum recovery.


Continuing Education (NEW) Anticoagulation Management in Chronic Atrial Fibrillation: NOACs and Warfarin (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

Several new agents have been introduced in the clinical practice for prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. These agents provide significant benefits but require knowledge and experience with the use, patient characteristics and close renal follow-up and clinical assessment to ensure safe use and avoid adverse outcomes.

(MOC Approved By: ABFM, ABIM)

Continuing Education (NEW) Cancer Screening Guidelines: A Tale of Two Tests, PAP and PSA (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

Our understanding of cancer has changed; some cancers are destined to be fatal while others never will be. Some cancer screening tests are better than others; some carry harms; and some screening guidelines are widely agreed upon while others are not. Cervical and prostate cancer screening tests are examined in this monograph, comparing their evolution and effect, how they measure up to criteria for a good screening test, and how physicians may engage in shared decision making with patients on prostate and cervical cancer screening.

(MOC Approved By: ABFM, ABU, ABA, ABIM, ABP)

Continuing Education (NEW) Case Report: Consent for the Use of Off-Label Drugs and Devices (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

“Off-label use” is not a phrase that many patients have heard from prescribing practitioners but, when there has been an untoward effect, it has led to claims of malpractice. Many drugs and devices commonly prescribed are used off-label (as defined by the FDA) but this fact is not often disclosed to patients. Legal and ethical considerations for disclosure of FDA status and patient consent are examined in this education to help guide the practitioner.


Continuing Education (NEW) Case Report: Ethics of Informed Consent (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

Ethical codes often reach beyond the legal requirements of informed consent and typically have no tolerance for misrepresentations of educational background, certification status and professional experience. This monograph reviews the legal and medical ethical implications of disclosing the surgical outcome data of an individual surgeon during the informed consent process.


Continuing Education (NEW) Colorectal Cancer Screening: New Guidelines, New Options (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

In June 2016, the US Preventive Services Task Force issued a new recommendation for colorectal cancer screening of eligible adults by any of 7 methods, from endoscopy to CT colonography to stool or blood tests. Colonoscopy has been considered by many to be the gold standard for screening, but there are significant barriers to it, and approximately one-third of eligible individuals have never been screened.  Physicians and nurses will do well to become conversant with the new USPSTF guideline, as well as the guideline of their own specialty society, the better to advise their patients. 

(MOC Approved By: ABIM)

Continuing Education (NEW) EFM Case Study #10: Category II FHR Management (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

The most frequent OB malpractice allegation, delay in the treatment of fetal distress, involves interpretation and management errors of fetal heart rate patterns (FHR). Category II is the largest category with over 128 various FHR patterns and is the most challenging to manage. This monograph compares the 2013 expert clinical opinion recommendations with the current ACOG guidelines and offers risk management solutions. EFM Case studies and critical thinking drills are included to improve clinical decision making and reduce claims in this challenging population.

Continuing Education (NEW) EFM Case Study #11: Decelerations-Does depth-duration-frequency matter? (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

When interpreting FHR patterns, the presence of decelerations (late, variable, or prolonged) is an abnormal finding. Determining when to intervene once decelerations are observed is difficult. This monograph reviews the past and present science of various deceleration severity scales and offers a simple 60-Rules option to improve clinical decision making. EFM critical thinking drills are included.

Continuing Education (NEW) EFM Case Study #12: Chain-of-Authority (1 hour Monograph) | Price $50.00

Differences in clinical opinions regarding the interpretation of EFM data or other clinical factors between two perinatal practitioners can and will happen. Choosing not to share your clinical opinion when indicated or refusing to take into consideration another’s opinion into a patient’s care plan can increase malpractice risk. This monograph defines and outlines the Chain-of-Authority process; EFM critical thinking drills are included.

Continuing Education (NEW) EFM Fundamentals in Practice (4 hour Video) | Price $120.00

Attainment and ongoing maintenance of electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) skills is a requirement of all perinatal practitioners who actively participate in the care of pregnant patients. This video series is divided into six, 30 minute, modules that include didactic discussions on key topics and critical thinking drills that assess the novice learner’s understanding of fundamental EFM skills.

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